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    1.    Pokemon B/W moll tour detail! I can't join the tour as I'm in JPN ;-( Have fun there guys, and tell me what are there ;-)
    2.    They distribute C-gear skins of the first generation starters! 2011/2/25-4/25 in japan! I'll get it!
    3.    Pokemon Black white! ELITE4 and other names were revealed! Check it out ;-)
    4.    I uploaded my review of the latest pokemon Black/ White anime in japan, Check it out! CILAN vs a sommelier girl!
    6.    Costume play cloths for the girl protagonist in Heart gold/ Soul silver! So cute XD It's sold in 6,000yen!
    7.    They revealed official online pokemon card game! Quality!
    8.    Opening theme song for anime Pokemon Black/ White! That's nice rock song XD.
    9.    Pokemon Global Link Official site! You will be able to enjoy a service for pokemon Black/ White here! PGL will start from Spring. But it's not as same date as release date. It is expected to avoid server errors.
    10.    We can polish badges in pokemon black / white.
    11.    Special ZOROARK knows these moves KOSOKU-IDO, SASHIOSAE,OSHIOKI,BARK OUT!
    12.    ZOROARK discription This Zoroark is the boss in Pokemon Smash, japanese pokemon tv program character.
    13.    HINOMOTO have got ZOROARK! yeahhh!
    14.    A pokemon plate will be presented if I buy a pizza in japan! I don't know the design yet, but I buy it! It starts in May!
    15.    A pizza company present a mag cup now.
    16.    This is the Facebook fan page for! Join us please ;-)
    17.    Finally my pokemon black/ white web site is opened! Check it out!
    18.    They will show 2 pokemon movies at once!!! ZEKROM movie and RESHIRAM movie!!
    19.    V-generate VICTINI will be in PRECIOUS BALL, holding FIRE JEWEL, WISH RIBON!
    20.    Pokemon card for Black/ White! The illustrations are awesome :0
    21.    The other movie for RESHIRAM! ZEKROM's movie has been revealed already.They appear to decide some(not certain) voice actor(s) by lot for pokemon movie! This info is for japanese version.
    22.    It appears there is an additional funciton of Pokemon B/W if I played on 3DS. I have to buy 3DS then!
    23.    Pokemon B/W official pokedex and guide book:vol2 will be released on 2011/4/25. Vol.1 will be released on 2011/3/6.
    24.    Pokemon black/ White! vs,ZEKROM! (Be careful if you don't want to see the story yet.)
    25.    They release New pokemon card deck on 18/3 in japan ! Virizion, Terrakion, Cobalion!
    26.    I met TOGEKISS in HI-LINK FOREST #Pokemon black/ white!
    27.    Togekiss pokedex in Pokemon Black/ White! #pokemon
    28.    Its level is 10! I don't know how to say the moves in ENGLISH ;( SHINSOKU, HADOUDAN, EASURASSYU,PUREZENTO #pokemon

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  1. Pokemon BLACK/WHITE advertisement for TV is revealed!
  2. Next May in JAPAN! They will broadcast Pokemon anime about "Team ROCKET vs Team PLASMA!"
  3. NINTENDO AMERICA announced how to get VICTINI! VICTINI is a new legendary pokemon for Black and White!
  4. In next pokemon episode, a new character "CABERUNE" appears!  He hasn't appeared in the game.
  5. I've got TOGEKISS through Pokemon Global Link! 
  6. I've changed pokedex-skin! Pretty starters :)
    Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! 


    Minccino c-gear skin,pre-order,guides,anime,English names

    posted at 18:26:23 

    • They accepted 759,000 pre-order for Pokemon BLACK/ WHITE already! For now they have sold 5,000,000 units in JPN.
    posted at 18:01:44
    • Prima prepare 2 type guides for Pokemon BLACK/ WHITE! There are Regular edition and Collector's edition.
    posted at 17:54:16

    posted at 17:49:51

    •  "Sanyou City" will be called as "Striaton City"!
    posted at 17:42:53

    • "Dent, Pod, Corn" will be called as "Cilan, Chili, Cress."
    posted at 17:40:59

    • "Shippou City" will be called as "Nacrene City"!
    posted at 17:36:30

    Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! 


    3DS,Pokemon card, Typing game, Pre-order B/W, Global link -NEWS-

    1. Nintendo is developing something related to pokemon for 3DS and Wii! They officially announced here (japanese).

    2. The pokemon card game meeting will be held in April in JAPAN! There they give us special cards at the big meeting! CRIMGAN and EMONGA card!

    3. Nintendo revealed about "BATTLE AND GET! POKEMON TYPING DS." I may be able to use the keyboard for like i-phone, Android.

    4. Information about pokemon black/ white pre-order by TOYSRUS.

    5. This is about the Global link system.'m looking forward to trading pokemons with you from JAPAN. ;-)

    Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE!