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Trial play at Haneda

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
...Oops! Sorry not to tell you. I'm Ossan, HINOMOTO's best friend!
*8/7-8/16 In Haneda air port there was preceding trial version for Pokemon Black/White.

As taking picture is prohibited, there was no pictures or videos from the people who went there.

But a person report at NIKONIKO-DOUGA, Japanese domestic site.

as follows are that translation.

(the contents of the trial version)

*The stage of the trial version is "SEKKA city".

owning pokemons protagonist has are these 3. Either of starter pokemons, Shikijika, Zoroa.

The contents of the trial version is to battle with BELL, CHELEN, and then to find DR.ARARAGI.

(pokemons he could see)

*MIJUMARU is good at attack parameter, and other parameters are normal.

its skill "shell blade", water type physical attack,

power:75, hit percentage:95, effect:decreasing opponent's guard parameter.

*POKABU has high hit point, and attack, but has low guard parameter.

its skill "nitro charge",fire type physical attack

power:50, hit percentage:100 effect:rising up self speed.

he said this effect happens often.

*He couldn't check much about Tsutaja.

its skill "grass mixer", grass type special attack,

power:65, hit percentage:90, effect: decreasing opponent's hit percentage.

*SHIKIJIKA has learned "seed of parasite plant", "rush", "fear face", "twice kicks"

as I said ever, this pokemon will change depends on the seasons.


With its characteristic "illusion", it changes self appearance into one pokemon's from same team.

the effect is removed once it has got any attack.

Even during changing the appearance, it can't change the type, and can't use skills of pokemons it masquerades.

Zoroa has learned "disorder scratch", "surprise attack".

*DARUMAKKA seems the pokemon who evolute to HIHIDARUMA.

It hides arms and legs with its hair and it looks like DARUMA, Japanese traditional doll.

*BASURAO has square jaw, the upper color of it is green, and under is gley.