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Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
...Oops! Sorry not to tell you. I'm Ossan, HINOMOTO's best friend!

* This is the battle scenes from uploaded clips in Pokemon Daisuki club, Japanese official pokemon site.



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(0:03Victini, "burning down" to Mijumaru. The effect is not so good.)

やせいの ビクティニの やきつくす こうげき

The attack "burning down" of wild Victini!

こうかは いまひとつ のようだ・・・・・

The effect is unconvincing

, Shikijika, skill"energy ball" to Tsutaja. The effect is not so good.)


Opponent, Shikijika's "Energy ball"!

, Suwanna, skill "Storm" to Tsutaja. The effect is so good.)

あいての スワンナの ぼうふう

Opponent, Swanna's "Storm"!

こうかは ばつぐんだ!

The effect is so good!

(0:48, Mogurju, skill "Drill liner to Pokabu. The effect is so good.)

あいての モグリューの ドリルライナー!

Opponent, Mogurju's Drill liner!

 Encounter to Milhog.)

あっ! やせいの ミルホッグが とびだしてきた

Oh! wild Milhog has jumped out!

ゆけっ! ミジュマル!


(1:17, Kibago, Dance of Dragon, raise up its attack parameter, and speed parameter.)

あいての キバゴの りゅうのまい

Opponent, Kibago's "The dance of Dragon"!

あいての キバゴの こうげきが あがった

The attack parameter of Opponent, Kibago has been raised up!

あいての キバゴの すばやさが あがった!

The speed parameter of Opponent, Kibago has been raised up!

,  Mamanbou's characteristic, "the mind of cure" removed Kibago's Paralysis.)

ママンボウの いやしこころ

"The mind of cure" of Mamanbou

あいての キバゴの しびれが とれた!

the Paralysis of Opponent Kibago has been removed!

(1:37, Tsutaja, "grass mixer", The effect is so good.)

ツタージャの グラスミキサー!

Tsutaja's Grass mixer!

(1:47, Gigaias's characteristic "tough" it can keep 1 Hit point if the attack was fatal.)

ギガイアスの がんじょう

Gigaias's "Tough"

あいての ギガイアスは こうげきを こらえた

Opponent Gigaias beared the attack!

(1:55,  Kurumiru, "Resistance of insect". The effect for Tsutaja, and Meguroko each is so good, and also it decreased each special attack parameters.)

あいてのクルミルの むしの ていこう

Opponent Kurumiru's "Resistance of Insect"!

メグロコツタージャに こうかは ばつぐんだ!

The effects for both Meguroko and Tsutaja are so good!

メグロコの とくこうが さがった

The special attack parameter of Meguroko has been decreased!