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New characters/connection battle

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
...Oops! Sorry not to tell you. I'm Ossan, HINOMOTO's best friend!

(6th image, right)

*You'll visit SANYOU city after you visit KARAKUSA city.

There is the Laboratory of MAKOMO, who gives you "C Gear" as I said before.

And also there's the first pokemon gym.

The gym reader name is DENT.

You can meet him in the deepest part of the gym where you answer the question about the

Chemistry of pokemon types.

(6th image, left side)

*You'll visit SHIPPOU city after SANYOU city.

It's a cultural city and there is a museum.

There is a pokemon gym which reader name is ALOE.

There is not enough info, but it describes that you need to think to proceed in the gym.

(6th page, left, upper right side)

* It says you can use TMs any time without expiration as well as HMs.

(7th page, right)


New battle style, rotation battle! you fight with drawing 3 pokemons, but actually one pokemon fights there. You select which pokemon you'd like to fight with!

th page, left)


As a new rule of battle, MIRACLE SHOOTER has come upon! You can use items in connection fight with it!

th page, left, under)


New facility for pokemon battle, BATTLE SUBWAY! You choose the subway to the appropriating to the battle style, and you can enjoy 7 serial battles!

*You proceed next Vehicle after you win one trainer.

when you won 7 trainers, the subway stops at the station, and you get Battle Point.

With the Battle Point, you can change them to items Taurin, Indometashin, Buromuhekisin....etc, like paramater up items.