Black/ White-Pokemon problem?
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Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
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pokemon black/white's japanese official site

*18/9/2010 in JAPAN, finally the latest work from
Pokemon will be released.

in north America, they will be released in spring
of 2011.

The area of the world is called "Ish". some people
in 2ch associate the model of the world with a part
of China.

*let's focus on the temporary image of the
software-package where 2 monsters are on each.

(I don't know how to spell their name in english,
so it's my interpretation. please excuse if any
spell differences.)

in pokemon black, there's this monster.


it litte looks like swan, but it's much more dragon
like with the white body.

on the other hand in pokemon white, there's this


it's also like a dragon. and the colour of it is
metal black, it has just opposite atomosphere with
Lesiram. it has littele bit inorganic.

apparently these 2pokemons has some relation each

*Lesiram is called as "HAKUYOU" pokemon, and Zecrom
as "KOKUIN"pokemon. there's only hiragana to
describe this, and not much explanation about this.
but follows are my expactations.

in japanese, HAKU means white, and KOKU means
black. this is easy to associate with their body

so, what is "YOU and IN"?

in Japanese "IN'YOU" means the shade and light.

so, probably this is right.

directly interprite,

in my opinion, HAKUYO means"white-light" and KOKUIN
means "black shade".

the almost same meaning of "IN'YOU" is "ONMYOU".
this is an idea of the actual old chinese
philosophy, "Taoism" where they think everything in
this world is defined with light and dark.

Taoism by wikipedia

as i said in the top of this writing, this ISH
area's motif may be China.

so I expect this pokemon Black/white story connect
with Taoism. but well, it's for kids game and the
expression will be simple.

*Lesiram is said to appear in the crimax in the
story, and Zecrom is said to appear in the most
exciting part. these 2 are waiting for true HERO at
somewhere in ISH area.

*these are these2 brief details.

(characteristic):turbo blaze

(characteristic):tera voltage