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September issue of COROCORO comic.

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
...Oops! Sorry not to tell you. I'm Ossan, HINOMOTO's best friend!

*The images of new info of COROCORO comic is leaked. the images are on above site, poke beach.

This images are from Appendix of this comic and ,and it says September issue, but it's actually saled on this month, August.

(1st pages, right side, top left)


Appendix of COROCORO comic monthly September

(1st pages, right side, top left, middle.)


Each outside box and inside package has different appearances! (of LESHIRAM and ZECROM)


the packages are inside a box! LESHIRAM and ZECROM show different appearances inside the boxes...!

*Inside the boxes, the tails of 2 monsters have got shining, maybe charging their power.

It seems they're robot-like, inorganic creature. Especially ZECROM has such a impression.

I wonder what their identity is. where are they from, what are them???

(1st pages, left side, middle right.)

(the explanation of VICTINI on picture book, this sentence is not complete, so this is my decor ding.)しょうりを もたらす ポケモン。 ビクティニを つれた トレーナーは どんな しょうぶにも かてるという。

The pokemon which brings Victory. The trainer having it can win any battle.

(2nd page, right side, middle left.)


It's even strong when only exist on the battle!

(2nd page, left side, upper left.) Picture book of Victini.

たいないで むげんの エネルギーを つくりだす。ふれた あいてに エネルギーを わけあたえる。

It makes unlimited power inside the body. It shares energies to touched object.

*I suppose this Victini descriptions are exaggerated lol. If this is true, he is completely balance breaker of pokemon!

(3rd page, right side, middle left)


You search liberty garden island with solving an accident there. And finally there is Victini under ground of the tower!


Even if you’ ve beated Victini, you can try to start battle.

(3rd page, left Vertical writing.)


There still is! we've found new 7 pokemons!!

(3rd page, left, white bird.)

スワンナ-su wa n na-

characteristic:sharp eyes/はとむね-ha to mu ne-(dove chest)


new skill "Storm" changes its hit percentage depending on the weather!

(3rd page, left, rangular pokemon.)

ギガイアス-gi ga i a su-


*it can leave 1Hit Point even if got fatal damage, when its HP is full.