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Coro coro images issued 9/15 are leaked(5)

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
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(left, from upper to below)

Basurao:(They have 2 types. One has red line, another is blue line in its body. Appearence percentage is different depending on the software version.)
  • type:water
  • characteristic:deadly, adaptability


  • type: normal
  • characteristic: courage, picking up 
  • skill: summoning up (rising up both attack and special attack parameter)


  • type: dark
  • characteristic: flexible, agile technique
(right, from upper to below)


  • type:ghost
  • characteristic:mummy (When the opponent attack it, opponent is changed its characteristic in "mummy".)


  • type:Dragon
  • characteristic:fighting spirit, fantastic
  • skill: Dragon tail(Attack, and also changes opponent into any odd players.)
  • type:insect, electric
  • characteristic:compound eye,strain(Tie down opponent's using the nut)

  • type:ground, steel
  • characteristic:sand scrape, power of the sand
  •  skill: Drill liner(easy attack to make critical hit.)