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Abilities and Moves!! Pokemon black/ white @ North america ver.!

#Some names related to status were revealed. Here tell you the ability and its effect. Inside the bracket means its japanese version name.

• Ability names

Sheer Force (はりきりharikiri): Its attack rises up in 1.5 times, but the accuracy drops.

Moxie (じしんかじょうjisinnkajou): It's Attack stat rises up when it defeat one opponent.

Big Pecks (はとむねhatomune): Its guard doesn't drop.

• Move names

 Tail Slap (スイープビンタsweep-binta): Normal, physical attack. 2-5 attacks in a low.

 Wild Charge (ワイルドボルトWild Bolt): Electric, physical attack. It inflicts after the attack.

 Telekinesis (テレキネシスTelekinesis): Psychic, status. Its accuracy rise up for 3 turns.

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Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE!