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Battle subway info from pokemon sunday 8/29

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
...Oops! Sorry not to tell you. I'm Ossan, HINOMOTO's best friend!

*As my before report,this broadcast refers about "Battle subway".

*こちらでは シングルトレインの じょうしゃを ごあんない しております

Here we guide custermers to get on the Single train.


As you won 7 successive victories, you will be given Battle Point(BP) and change it into tools!


As you continue to win, Subway master appears.

(actual game display)


Plat foam for Single train


Welcome to the Battle subway!

ぼく ひーろー だもん! まけるはず ないもん!

I'm the Hero! never lose!

*battle subway explanation from official site


The battle is conducted with adjusting to Lv.50. Pokemon which level is more than 51, become Lv.50 temporarily.

* According to the last Corocoro comic leaking image(13P), The gifts we can exchange from BP are as far as we can see, Taurine,Lysozyme,Bromhexine,Chitosan,indomethacin,Max-up, and Power wrist.

*"Battle subway" in "Pokemon Black White" seems to be similar to ever "Battle Tower",

So this is said in 2ch, "Subway master" may be instead of ever "Tower Tycoon".

According to the actual game display, Even a childish talking boy can be in the subway. Or is he the Subway master??