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About combination battle by corocoro

Below is my pokemon white playing report! Why don't you check it!?please~~!!
*About Combination skill is informed by Corocoro comic extra special Oct issue 2010

corocoro image1


Let Tsutaja use "Grass Oath"at first. And then the skill of Pokabu is used,
the combination will be made up by Pokabu's "Flame Oath".

corocoro image2


By combining Grass Oath, and Flame Oath,

«the Sea of the flame will be around with a strong attack. The opponents damage every turn!»

By combining Flame Oath, and Water Oath,
There rainbow arches over during the battle. Additional effect of own side happens easier!

By combining Water Oath, and Grass Oath,
It gets wetlands around. This will drop in speed parameter of the opponent."

(Actual game images)
みかたの そらに にじが かかった!
The rainbow is arched on the sky above own team!

あいての まわりが ひのうみに つつまれた!
The flame sea surrounded the opponents!

あいての まわりに しつげんが ひろがった!
The wetlands expanded around the opponents!