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Pokemon Black White PV

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
...Oops! Sorry not to tell you. I'm Ossan, HINOMOTO's best friend!

*This clip is also broadcast on Wii Nintendo channel.
There are some new images, info.



More than 100 variety new pokemons


ポケモンずかんを かんせいさせるため ぼうけんの たびに でかけるよね!

You start the adventure journey to complete pokemon-illustrated book, right!?


ベル:みんなで いっしょに 1ばんどうろに ふみだそうよ!

BELL:Let's make a step together forward road no.1 !

チェレン:じゃ いくよ!

CHELEN:OK,let's go!


BELL:Get set, Go!

ベル:ああ! なんだろう どきどき ワクワク しちゃうね

BELL:Oh! ...Kind of fluttering, exciting..


きみの ポケモンの こえを もっと きかせてもらおう!

Let me listen the voice of your pokemons!


おろかな ひとびとから ポケモンを かいほう するため にちや たたかっているのだ

We fight day and night to liberate pokemons from foolish people!


プラズマだんの したっぱが しょうぶを しかけてきた!

An underling of team Plasma levy a battle!


Cギアとは せきがいせんや むせん Wi-Fiなど つうしんに かんけいする デバイスよ

C-gear is the device about communication like infrared, wireless, Wi-Fi.


まゆみさんが やせいの メグロコとの せんとうを かいし しました!

Mayumi started a battle with wild MEGUROKO!

*the Narrator says that we can know the situation each other with wi-fi connection.





Kenta:I send you a power!

*The narrator says that when Mayumi is in pinch, Kenta can send the recovery power to Mayumi.



Hi-link system, it make possible to come and go to the world of another players.


けんたは ハイリンクに ワープした!

Kenta warped to HI-LINK!

さおりのせかいに はいり すがたが かわった

You've get into Saori's world, and changed the figure!

*It seems we can go to Hi-link from anywhere.


*Protagonist(Kenta,boy)? changes the figure to a pokemon, and
go to Saori(girl)'s world.

……おや?やってきた ポケモンが とつぜんひかりだした!

Oh..Pokemon coming here start to bright suddenly!

さおりは デルパワー「けいけんちパワー S」をつかった

Saori has used a deru-power "experience power S"!

さおりの ポケモンは けいけんちを もらいやすくなった!

The pokemons of Saori have become to be easy to get experience points!



Live caster, You enjoy conversation with DS.

*The narrator says that if you play with DSi, you can talk with people seeing the face each other.
Even if you have normal DS without camera, you can use this function using microphone.


*The narrator says the battle record ranking of scenario can be seen at the Global Link system.