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pokemon TVCM

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
...Oops! Sorry not to tell you. I'm Ossan, HINOMOTO's best friend!

*This TVCM is released in Japanese Wii, Nintendo channel.


おはなしをするのは ポケモンを じゆうに しましょう ということです

What I talk is To make Pokemons free.

えっ? なに?
eh? what?


*Before fight with Team Plasma, The symbol of them is displayed.


Worgle's skill, destruction ray


ではえんまく! プラーズマー プラーズマ

Ok,Smoke screen! pla-sma- pla-sma

*A person in 2ch point out this skeleton on center has similarity between ZECROM.


Evolution of Moguryu to Doryuzu.


Rotation battle


ざんねんながら ドラゴンポケモンを めざめさせる ほうほうは わからぬ…

Sadly, I don't know the way to make Dragon pokemon wake up...

*The girl next to this speaker would be Iris, Pokemon animation main character.
She would also be deeply related to RESHIRAM,ZECROM.


Front team, Left, center pokemons are not revealed yet??



Battle with infuriated communication.


ウォーグル ばかぢから

Enormous strength of wargle.


the protagonist is getting on a Ferris wheel with N.


Coronation of a royalty? The era would be Middle Ages.
N would be related with this royalty.



The existence we have to liberate.



The creature hiding unknown possibility.


The picture of N in childhood with Zoroa, Hihidaruma, Coromori.



What is freedom of Pokemon?


"すべての トレーナーに ポケモンを 解放させる"

*Here N says "I make all trainers liberate whose pokemons". The back ground of this scene is the Ferris wheel before mentioned.

*What's the identity of N??

He says almost same things as Team Plasma, but he seems to act solely.
What is it imply about the scene of Middle Ages? the person who get the crown is similar to N..
I little wonder perhaps he is time traveler or something…