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Strange point about sentences

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Pokemon b/w official site,sentence style

*The site is renewed today, and this point is revealed.

This time, we can chose sentence style, Kanji or Hiragana.

And they took a example of this. But there is little, but certain difference between Kanji-ver and Hiragana-ver.

(KANJI-ver)「階上で いろんな 人と 談笑できて 楽しかったわ!」

"I'm happy to have a pleasant talk with various people upstairs."

(HIRAGANA-ver):「うえで いろんな ひとと おはなしできて たのしかったわ!」」

"I'm happy to chat with many kind of people above here!"

The talker is same person, but it gives us different atmosphere.

The kanji-ver expression is very polite, and literary. It's like noble style.
While, Hiragana-ver expression is casual, actually childish.

I don't know why they use different words to change sentence style.
I hope this is proto type ver, but it's very close to be released, so this will come true.

I chose HIRAGANA-ver. It's completely better. Though, it's good for kids to study Kanji.