Black/ White-Pokemon problem?
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Yanapp type pokemons

Below is our playing report in POKEMON WHITE! We've seen a big fight between ZEKROM and RESHIRAM! And we finally finished the story! Click me and check it out!
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 *New pokemons are revealed. Hiyapp, and Baopp from backside box art.

 We can't see their complete figure but can confirm that name on the backside of box art.

They have similar name and shape with Yanapp.

*There's a prediction that the name of these Baoppu, Hiyapp are from "Baobab, Hyacinth" They would also be Plant type pokemons.


(Unofficial info)belows are not official information.

*According to the image after the battle with DENTO, There we can see 2 people behind DENTO.

One has blue hair style, and another has red or brown.(this colors correspond with 3 monkey pokemons above.)

And DENTO would give us a badge which has 3 stones red, blue,green.

So these 2 people would take part in DENTO's battle.

I wonder there may be triple battle already from beginning part, in DENTO's gym.

* They said totally there are more than 100 kinds of pokemons.

Some people in japanese forum investigated how many pokemons are there from pokemon-illustrated book image.

One guy measured the pixels of right side bar, and green cursor.

bar itself is 150 pixel, and the green cursor is 7 pixel.

In this result, It's estimated that total new kind pokemons would be 133〜161 totally.

*The motif of the Issu area is New york city!?

The book cover image of proto type of Pokemon-Pia, japanese magazine for adult, is uploaded in a site.

They suggest Pokemon b/w information there, and It says "The stage of the journey is Newyork!?"

"Pia" is time-honored magazine in Japan, and all information would be checked by Pokemon company and released. So if this image is original, this information has strong reliability.